Stoned Soul Picnic


  1. Sweet Blindness
  2. It’ll Never Be The Same Again
  3. The Sailboat Song
  4. It’s A Great Life
  5. Stoned Soul Picnic
  6. California Soul
  7. Lovin’ Stew
  8. Broken Wing Bird
  9. Good News
  10. Bobbie’s Blues
  11. The Eleventh Song
  12. East Of Java

Love’s Lines, Angles & Rhymes

by The 5th Dimension

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You are a winner We support you in your decisions! Love, Marilyn and Billy

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Congratulations Kathy!

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Our 2nd show since & , is a hit. Thank you Pasadena Pops! Thank you Los Angeles! Thank you…

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We're looking forward to a memorable night of music as part of the Summer Sierra Concert Series at the Pasadena Sym…

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Thanks . Grateful to God and all for these amazing times. We have a terrific team. Love to everybody.

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Pt 2/2: We are so proud to be a part of this wonderful documentary, “Summer of Soul,…

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